One of the great challenges math teachers have is teaching students how to problem solve. In the real world we are not just given a computational math problem, but a problem within a situation. One of the best tools to help students learn and practice problem solving is the Week by Week Worksheet.

external image Red1.gifWhat is a Week by Week?

The Week by Week worksheets are put out out by North Carolina's Department of Instruction. All Week by Weeks are on grade level. They cover the objectives that will be on the 6th grade EOG. These worksheets are used to help teach students problem solving skills and review computational skills throughout the year. They are designed to challenge and encourage higher level thinking skills and students may find themselves frustrated from time to time.
external image Red1.gifWhen are Week by Week Worksheets due and how will they be graded?

I will hand one out every Tuesday and it will be due the following Tuesday. Students have a week to complete the entire worksheet. These will count as a week of homefun.
Word Problems (Fraction Action, Mathematically Speaking, Probability Pizzazz, Geometry Gems, Solve This): The word problems will be 10 points each. Students will receive partial credit if they attempt and show effort and work on the word problems but still get the question wrong. Students must use the QKA method for each word problem. They are allowed to ask questions and receive help on Week By Week problems; however, before help is given, please assure that the student has shown evidence that they have made an attempt to figure out the problem first. NO CREDIT will be given if the QKA Method is not used on all word problems.
Keeping Skills Sharp: The Keeping Skill Sharp questions will be 5 points each, with no credit given for incorrect answers.
external image Red1.gifWhen will students work on the Week by Week?
I will give some time during the week to work on the Week by Week in class. They are also instructed to work on it when they get finished with a task early. Even with this time in class, students will need to spend some time at home working on the Week by Week. It will not be part of the Homefun assignment, so please check throughout the week to see what is being accomplished. If a student works on one or two problems a night, this should not be overwhelming.
external image Red1.gifMay students get help?
Students may ask for help. I have dedicated part of class every Friday to Week by Week questions. I am trying to teach the students not to wait until the last minute. Therefore, I will not answer questions on Monday or Tuesday about the Week by Week that is due. If they ask you for help, please remember that I expect them to solve it on a 6th grade level. Many times we adults tend to think too algebraically. Week by Week word problems can often be solved by guess and test or by drawing a picture. If you don't know how to help, please encourage your student to ask me. This is another reason students should not wait until the last minute to work on the Week by Week. Also, give hints and lead your student through a problem. You should not be doing the problem for the student.
external image Red1.gifEncourage Your Student!
Week by Week word problems are seldom solved in one step. Students may stop after the first step or get frustrated and quit. Often they just write something down so they can do something more fun. It is up to me, as the teacher, and you, as the parent, to be cheerleaders for our students. It will be our encouagement that helps them succeed. Do not be alarmed to see low grades at first. The more your student sticks with the Week by Week the better they get at problem solving. You should see the grades come up if the student's effort is truly there. If you do not see an improvement, then we need to see what else can be done to help.
external image Red1.gifWhere does my student show his/her work?
Week by Week Essential worksheets are given out on Tuesdays. Each worksheet will contain two weeks' of materials, front and back. Links for the entire year are listed on my webpage. These links also include the answer keys; parents are encouraged to print these to use as a reference in assisting their students. Please note that students who give answers only will receive NO CREDIT. Students are to show all work on separate, loose-leaf notebook paper. It is required that they use Cornell format and they must use the QKA method for every word problem.
external image Red1.gifWhy do I assign Week by Weeks?
The Week by Week Worksheets can sometimes be frustrating for the student, the teacher, and the parent/guardian. Many times the best learning comes out of challenge. These will be a challenge for students. However, I continue to assign these worksheets because I see the great effect it has on students' learning and retaining math skills that will be used later in their lives.
external image Red1.gifWhere can I find Week by Weeks (and answers!)?
Remember that the answers are to be used AFTER you have shown all of your work to check your answers. DO NOT turn in a paper with just a list of answers or answers copied directly from the answer key.

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